Noelle and Dog Wizard are a perfect combination for helping dogs! My dog Clyde was a hyperactive, insecure dog (Terrier/Beagle mix). We were at the end of our rope in trying to care for and live with our dog. We loved him but could not live with him in that state. Dog Wizard provided us with the tools to understand our dog and to help him help us! Now Clyde is a lovely dog to be around. He is much happier and so are we :) We can walk our dog; before we could not without being pulled around the neighborhood. He is a high energy dog like most terriers but now we know how to channel that energy. Noelle is an awesome trainer with loads of patience. She explains the commands and what to look for in channeling your dog’s issues from insecurity to fear aggression. Highly recommend!! The Mac family and Clyde

The Mac Family and Clyde,

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