Noelle and Dog Wizard rocked our world! We adopted Roxie, a loving and energetic lab/border collie mix in 2009 and struggled to keep her calm and focused. We worked with several trainers but no one was effective — until Noelle. After a few weeks in the board-and-train program, Roxie is a new dog. She is a pro at loose leash walking and comes when she’s called — even when there are major distractions like raccoons, squirrels and other dogs. Noelle is knowledgeable and patient. She helped us see where we were going wrong in working with Roxie and offered suggestions for correction. It’s clear from watching Noelle work with Roxie and interact with our other dogs that she is passionate about her work. She is a true pro. Roxie loves her off leash life. We take her to the beach and hiking in the mountains and she’s able to run free because we know she’ll return to us on command. We are having so much fun with Roxie now that she is a graduate of Dog Wizard!


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