The Dog Wizard is an invaluable investment in your dogs well being. Upon moving to Charlotte, I was faced with the difficult task of assimilating my shepherd mix, Rajon, into an apartment lifestyle. He was constantly alarmed at the unfamiliar nuances of the complex, and frequently growl at the other tenants. While he never showed lunged or bite anyone, I feared it was only a matter of time until his fear aggression worsened into an unmanageable problem. I enrolled Rajon into the two-week “stay-and-train” program with Evan. When he returned, I could not have been happier with the results. He had gained much more confidence, and loves apartment life. I feel comfortable having him off-lease around the complex, and am thrilled he is able to play with the other dogs. Most importantly, he greets people enthusiastically without any reluctance or growling. Evan was an excellent trainer both throughout and after the program. He called me several times throughout the program to update me to on Rajon’s progress, and addressed any concerns or issues I had. I was especially pleased with the photographs the Dog Wizard sent, because as any dog owner knows, its difficult to part with your dog for a long period of time. After completion of the program, Evan gave me a lesson on training and dog psychology on which I could maintain my dog’s new attitude. The Dog Wizards follow-up group lessons are a joy to attend, and Rajon continues to develop every day. In summary, I highly recommend the Dog Wizard for any owner whose dog displays behavioral problems of any kind. Evan and Noelle are courteous, intelligent, and very professional. You will be very happy with the results of any program they have to offer.


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