From Dominant Aggressor to Relaxed Family Member – When Reilley entered my life in January 2008, I knew that an American Bulldog would be stubborn and hard-headed. He was my protector an I was up for a challenge. Little did I know where our journey would take us. He has always been a hyper dog and he went through puppy classes, behavioral evaluations, and obedience training. He did well, but it was almost like he couldn’t keep his attention on us long enough to follow through. He loved running with me and this helped, but when a new roommate moved in, Reilley became extremely aggressive and fearful of new people coming into our home. Loren and I felt that once we moved to our new home that Reilley would be much better. However, he became defensive of our new home and it resulted in an incident that could have been much worse. It was frustrating for me because I work in the veterinary field and I had done all the socialization skills and exercises that we have been taught throughout the years. I understand there are dogs who tend to gravitate towards specific behaviors and Reilley’s dominant personality got the best of him. I was devastated because I felt like I had failed him as his parent. After trying to decide the best way to avert Reilley’s aggression, we called The Charleston Dog Wizard, Evan and Noelle. It was very hard to let him go to their Home Front program, since he had never spent time away from us for more than a few days. Loren and I were hesitant, but hopeful. When Reilley came home, he was a completely different dog. He was still our Reilley, but well behaved and everything that we wanted to acheive from all the other training that we did. Loren and I couldn’t have been happier with Reilley’s results.He is able to be in a down-stay while we work on the yard or while we are cooking dinner. Reilley loves having a job to do and he is working on meeting new people in our home. We encourage our friends to come over so that we can work with him and he is starting to warm up to people that before he would just growl and aggress towards. We are in this for the long-haul and we understand it will continue to take time, patience, and love to keep Reilley in line. Loren, Reilley, and I are a much happier family now that he has boundaries that he understands.

Loren Reilley,

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