We can’t thank Noelle, Evan and everyone at the Dog Wizard enough for helping provide us with the education we need to help our sweet little yorkie, Bolt calm down and become a more obedient dog. Bolt was very socially anxious dog and was therefore quite aggressive towards strangers/strange dogs. Thanks to the techniques we were taught, Bolt now obeys all of his commands and stay focused on ME instead of all of the distractions out there in the world scaring him!! She also taught us how to solve all potty training issues once and for all!!! I think bolt will remain on record as the smallest dog they have ever trained, weighing in at only 3.5lbs, but it just goes to show size should not be a factor when thinking about training! No matter how big or small your dog is, they can ALL benefit from this type of training…. no matter what you are looking to accomplish through the process. Forever Grateful, <3 Kristin, Lance, & BOLT!!

Kristin, Lance, & BOLT,

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