The Dog Wizard trainers are amazing! I called the dog wizard when I realized my pit-mix, Cody, who was 1 ½ yrs old, was getting bigger, stronger, and harder to control. I could barely walk him down the street, and if he saw another dog…forget about it. Cody went to train with them in their Home Front program for 2 weeks. When he came home, he was still goofy Cody, but he listened to commands and I could actually walk him around the neighborhood, even around other dogs. Noelle patiently worked with me until I was completely comfortable with all of the commands and answered any and all questions and concerns I had. We soon realized Cody had severe anxiety, especially separation anxiety. So he went back for more training and they worked with him for about month, where he learned to relax and be a calm happy dog. When he came home the second time Noelle met with me multiple times a week for about another month to make sure everything was going well. We now go to group lessons on Saturdays with a bunch of other dogs to keep up all the hard work Noelle, Evan, and the other trainers put in to making Cody a happy, relaxed, well socialized, obedient dog. I know that if I ever have any questions or Cody and I need a refresher course, they’re there to help in any way they can. There are not enough words, to explain how happy I am with experience Cody and I have had with Noelle and the Dog Wizard. I highly recommend Dog Wizard to any one that owns a dog, whether they have behavioral problems or just need to learn a few commands.


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