Dog Wizard Saves Unbalanced Family of Seven! Once there was one…then three…then five…six…and finally seven. Between Husband and Wife, Chaos the Cat, Einstein, Spike and Stella the dogs and the newborn baby Norah, we were definitely in need of some kind of miracle. Chaos – the chill and even keel Maine Coon kitty; Einstein – the ‘I will do anything you want me to do’ Spaniel/Setter pound rescue; Spike – the ‘I am the most spoiled dog in the world with attitude’ miniature stray poodle; and finally Stella – the ’90 lb baby, with fear aggression, since I was not socialized and I was attacked’ rescued American Bulldog-talk about a ‘mix breed’ of family, we were in dire need of training for the dogs and ourselves. Stella was the main concern with built up fear aggression and since we were about to bring our newborn baby Norah into the world, Noelle and Evan were our ‘knights in shining armor’ once they came to our dog training rescue. From day one, their dedication, loyalty and passion for achieving a better life for our three dogs became an amazing reality after being enrolled in the Dog Wizard training academy. They were on call when we needed them, quick to respond to our questions and concerns and never once did we feel like we did not receive the quality training that was explained to us. We cannot thank Noelle and Evan enough for all of the time and effort they put into our family and their profession. Not only did we achieve a better life for our dogs but we also gained an amazing friendship with Noelle and Evan. They went above and beyond their call of duty for our family, especially when they picked up our dogs and took them for the day while in the hospital for the birth of our daughter Norah. They are simply amazing people. Noelle and Evan from the Dog Wizard are not just a professional, everyday – dog training academy-they are a personal and passionate team that turned our needs into life changing experiences. If it wasn’t for them, we would not have been able to have such an eclectic family of human’s, felines and canines become a family of one. From the bottom of their hearts- Stella, Spike and Einstein thank you and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Chad and Jillian Longsworth

Chad and Jillian Longsworth,

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