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This is one of the most common issues we work through with dogs. We see it all the time. Separation anxiety is one of the most rewarding issues to solve – nothing is more gratifying than helping a dog gain the confidence to be alone and feel secure. Separation Anxiety is one issue that typically…
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Rescue Rehab

We get to work with just as many rescue dogs as we do pure breed dogs, and they are just as trainable. Sometimes rescuing a dog can be an adventure, due to the unknown of the dog’s past.  Luckily dogs are some of the most resilient creatures on earth, so most of their problems can be…
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Group Class

Every Charleston Dog Wizard client that goes through a program is automatically enrolled in free group lessons for the life of the dog.  To attend, you must be a Charleston Dog Wizard graduate.  Check calendar for class dates and times.
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Problem Solving

Dealing with behavioral problems can become very frustrating. Nothing is more annoying than a dog that drives your guests crazy by jumping and covering their pants with slobber.  Not to mention how much money you can spend replacing destruction caused by bad behavior (new sofas, dry wall, and carpet). All of our dog obedience programs…
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