Giving a New Leash on Life

If your dog is walking you and all you want to do is enjoy your walks in
the neighborhood, pass dogs and people calmly this program is perfect
for you!
One-on-One Lessons – 4 one hour lessons meeting in public places
Board and Train – Your dog will come and stay with us for 5 days. We
will lay the foundation and then teach you how to continue!
NOTE: Aggressive pullers are dogs that have or could pull you down on
a flat buckle collar and regular 6 ft leash

Freedom and Freedom Plus (One-on-One)

On and Off-Leash Training, One-on-One with you and your dog to solve
any behaviorial problems and reach your goals.
Lessons will be one hour weekly sessions held in public places then you
practice 1 hour daily during the week ahead
Your dog will learn:


Come Down
Sit Off
Place Out
Heel Hand Signal

Added Commands (2) or Tricks (3)

Sit-at-distance Shake
Down-at-distance Crawl
Sit While Heeling Roll Over
Directional Place Hold Treat on Nose

Homefront and Rehabilitation (Board and Train)

This is a 14 day board-and-train program. Your dog will stay at our home
and travel, eat, sleep, and live just like one of our personal dogs! As part
of the training, we will take your dog out and about in the community.
We’ll visit parks, coffee shops, neighborhoods and anywhere else that we
can find distractions. At the end of the 14 days, we will teach you every-thing your dog has learned so that you are comfortable and confident in being your dogs handler. We will follow up with you within a week to
make sure everything is going great!
This program is 3 weeks for Rehabiliatation of aggression or separation
anxiety. The reality of full rehabiliation for your dog is dependent on
their progress through the training program. There is no way to pre-determine this as there are many factors and changes that happen as yourdog progresses through training. We can not guarantee your dog will be
fully social but we can guarantee we will do everything to help them be
as comfortable around dogs and people, or alone as possible.

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